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  1. Pete, I started reading this last night but was tired and thought it better to review this morning when I’m generally/usually more allert. I thought it was well written and makes a lot of sense for the publlc as a whole. I would appreciate your sending more exerps of your work as it progresses. It has to be satifying to think that your writting efforts (book) when completed can make a most positive change in people that truly need help. I commend you for your efforts.

    Your Friend …Bill Lindley

  2. For years I was a stout member of NA, waving the Flag of 12 step programs. But none of it ever really made sense to me. I never felt I had disease, but said I had one. I never believed in a higher power that would keep my clean, but said I did.. and on and on and on. I still go to meetings today, but I go in defiance of the program in order to help newcomers realize that it is themselves that they need to learn to believe in, which goes against the whole 12 step tradition. After years and years of watching people come in and out of the program rarely seeing anyone succeed I finally realized that the programs ideals are more poisonous than they are any good. So I what I am getting at is this, I am glad that you are writing your book and I know that it will be very helpful. I spread the same ideas that you do when I go to meetings at the price of being a cast out and judged but I dont care, because watching people grow up and believing in themselves and staying clean is much more important to me than what people think about me at the meetings. So I will continue to spread the good word within the fellowship of lies while you continue your journey with your book. Keep up the good stuff.

  3. Hi Pete! This is Mike Massey, a SMART Facilitator. Your book is excellent. I’m unrepentant in my bias. Nonetheless your book is a great read. Flows well, informative, great explanation of SMART tools and approach. And, your personal experience is invaluable. I do think it takes one to know one in certain aspects of life experiences and addiction recovery is a prime example of this. I have referred people to your book and I think its a great reinforcement of SMART Recovery. Thanks for the pleasure reading it provided, including some of the amusing quotes I intend to repeat in the meetings I attend and facilitate.

    Best of everything to you,


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