Neuroplasticity and Addiction

In February, I had the opportunity to address a group here in Ajijic on the topic of neuroplasticity, and how it applies to addiction and an ageing population. The video is in three segments, and totals about 40 minutes in length. The talk was given on the 19th of February, following three weeks that were unseasonably chilly here, and we even had a little rain, if anyone is curious about the references to the weather in the first part of the talk.

The venue was our Sunday morning “Open Circle” gathering. Each week we have a speaker on a different topic, typically someone local with specialized expertise in a certain area. They let me speak anyway, and, in fact, they let me come back on April 22nd to talk about Rational Emotive Behavior Therapy, which I’ll be posting here in a week or so.

Enjoy the video! When you reach the end of the first segment, click on the little white box to start the second segment. Rinse, repeat.

About the Author Pete Soderman

Pete is an author, blogger, and podcaster who makes his home in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. His primary interest is in helping others recover from self-defeating behaviors.

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Francesca cantone says June 24, 2012

My husband has been to 12 based rehabs 3 different times. I have grown very disillusioned with this kind of program and the smart recovery program makes much more sense to me and I feel like it would be of much more help to my husband. The only problem is that he speaks minimal English. We live in the united states and he has gone to rehab in Tijuana each time. I have been unable to find any rehabs in mexico or the united states or anywhere actually that offers an alternative to the 12 steps in spanish. Do you know of anywhere?

Thank you,

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