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Exploring Self-responsibility

My subtitle, “75% of all addicts recover without 12-step, and you can too,” may seem controversial to you, if not, you would be in the minority, as surveys consistently show the majority of Americans believe addiction is a disease, addicts are powerless over it, cannot recover without help, and 12-step is the only method that works. One of my purposes in writing this is to conclusively demonstrate to you that these contentions are undeniably false; there is not a shred of evidence supporting them and the contrary evidence is overwhelming. Multitudes of repeatable studies, over several decades, prove beyond any doubt that three-quarters of the people meeting the criteria for substance abuse or dependence recover absolutely on their own, without treatment, 12-step groups, or formal help of any kind, indicating that you already possess all the power you need if you have a genuine desire to effect self-change in any area of your life, including your addiction.Continue reading

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