Pete headWe are not powerless over our addictions, nor are we helpless victims of heredity, a disease, a spiritual malady, or a slew of character defects that require the intervention of a “higher power,” and a lifetime of meetings to control. This is not my opinion, but the result of decades of scientific research into addiction, and the simple fact that 75% of all addicts recover on their own without formal treatment or self-help groups. We learn to become addicted, and we can learn to make the changes necessary to our beliefs, thoughts, and feelings, that will relieve us of the burden of our addictions and self-defeating behaviors for a lifetime, not just a day-at-a-time.

The objective of this web site is to empower you to take advantage of your brains’ natural ability to rewire itself, its neuroplasticity, to overcome your self-defeating behaviors, and reach your full potential.

Depression Symptoms Increase Over Time For Addiction-Prone Women

This is an article from “Medical News Today” that primarily addresses clinical depression in high-risk addiction-prone women. It’s a multi-year study, which makes it interesting, but that’s not why I decided to publish it on this particular blog. Two of … Continue reading →