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Abuse and Dependence – Where Do You Fit? — 2 Comments

  1. Agreed, a more nuanced analysis of abuse/addiction is needed but I’m equally skeptical as regards the medical view of things. As a life-long depression sufferer I know that so many experts tend to push people into the the newest “trendy” catagories, often those where a new medication is being promoted. Take nothing without a good pinch of salt.

    • I agree. The important thing to be aware of, I’m afraid, is who paid for the study! In most peer-reviewed journals, the scientists whose names are on the studies divulge any conflicts they may have, and who funded the study. Oftentimes, you find in the “trendy” market, the studies are funded by the very drug companies who are promoting the drugs. Doing research for a book such as the one I’m doing, I pay close attention to who is paying for what. There are studies funded by portions of the treatment industry, for instance, whose results have been questioned by other researchers. As always, you have to “follow the money,” and determine who benefits by the determination of which “panel of experts.” By the way, the one phrase you ALWAYS have to be wary of in any drug commercial or article is “Emerging Science Suggests…” That is one of those meaningless phrases that is used to snag the credulous. Please feel free to subscribe to the blog via email if you haven’t already done so. Many of the tools I talk about later in the book will work just as well on depression as they do on drug dependence. Thanks for your comment!

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