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Maintenance, Relapse and Termination — 2 Comments

  1. Yes, the body has a memory and will, now and again, try to demand the old anæsthetic when the going is hard. The individual has to work out his/her tactic for coping with this. Anything that works is good – a nap in a darkened room, going for a run…..You find out for yourself.

    That one slip-up is not a failiure in really important. My first effort was 2½ weeks, the second 2½ years and am now close to 7 years.

  2. As I get further into this, Ian, I will suggest cognitive behavioral techniques, meditation, and various other things to cope with urges. The key thing, though, as you mentioned is how you treat the slip. If you analyze it, and treat it as a learning experience, chances are you will eventually succeed. If you give up, well…

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