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For those of you who have been waiting for this book to be published, I uploaded the completed manuscript of Powerless No Longer to Amazon yesterday, and today the Kindle version is available for purchase. It has been a long slog, and I’m really happy that it’s finally done. The hard copy (trade paper) version should be available in a few days.

The Kindle version is here on the Amazon web site. I will post another announcement when the hardcopy is available. The first chapter and part of the second is available to read on Amazon, and I will continue to post excerpts here.

I thank all of you who have followed this website over the years, and I’m just sorry it took so long to finish the book.



Kindle version of “Powerless” published on Amazon — 1 Comment

  1. Congratulations, Pete. I’ve read your stuff for a long time and I’m real happy for you. Thank you for.what you’ve taught me.

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