Some changes for “Powerless No Longer”

Three years have passed since the publication of Powerless No Longer, and it’s time to make some long-overdue changes. Despite my best efforts to keep the book a secret, it continues to sell. Each and every month I’m amazed by the number of copies that are purchased all over the world, in either electronic, hard copy, or audio format.

A lot of this has been due to the decision by SMART Recovery® to place the book on its “recommended reading list,” and it’s a good thing they did because that’s about all the marketing it has been subject to. That is going to change, beginning now.

Although I have had this web site ( for many years, this the first time I have ever really used it for anything other than publishing some stories I wrote. From now on, this site is going to be the home of Powerless No Longer and several other efforts. I will phase-out the book’s former web site ( over the next several weeks, and will no longer post there. That is the first change.

I have been working on a second edition of Powerless for some time, and expect to have it completed and ready for publication in the next few weeks. It will be available only on The primary version will be PDF, but it will also be available in Kindle, Nook, and other popular electronic formats. In addition, I will record an audio version, that should be ready in the same timeframe. I have no plans to offer the second edition on Amazon, at least for the foreseeable future. If at all possible, I’m going to find a way to “upgrade” anyone who recently purchased the first edition to the electronic second edition.

You might ask why I’m removing the book from Amazon. It has to do with my feelings about the book, and why I wrote it in the first place. It wasn’t to make money, or try to save the world, it was simply to do as much as I could to help others overcome whatever self-defeating behaviors they were suffering from, so they could reach their full potential. When you sell a book on Amazon, it goes out into the void, and you seldom hear from anyone who reads it. Did it do any good? Did it help anyone? Is there anything I could change about the book to make it better and more effective?  This time I hope to develop something of a relationship with those who buy the book, so that I can keep working on it and improving it.

I will be beginning a podcast shortly. It will be headquartered on this site, although it will be on ITunes, and the other podcast search engines. It will start with half-hour audio episodes, mostly with me alone although there will be a few guests as it starts rolling. Look for an announcement here, it shouldn’t be too much longer before that starts.

I have developed a three-module training course based upon excerpts from Powerless No Longer that I will give away as an incentive to separate people from their email addresses. Although they are, indeed, intended as infomercials for the book, they teach several of the major tenants of cognitive recovery in a simple, easy-to-follow manner, and include over an hour of concentrated instruction. They will be available within the next three to four weeks.

Next, I’m in the process of developing a full-blown video training course based upon the second edition of Powerless. The target for delivering that is very early next year, and it will NOT be free. I will be distributing beta modules to those who are interested in reviewing it and giving me feedback over the next few months.

Slightly longer term, I’m beginning to work on a new book, one that addresses recovery in a less-than-optimal economic situation. In other words, how does one stay motivated, and deal with life’s problems when every light they see at the end of the tunnel turns out to be a train?

I will also be posting more on this web site, exploring issues from the new book and the podcast. All-in-all, I’m looking forward to a busy and productive winter, and I hope you are too.


About the Author Pete Soderman

Pete is an author, blogger, and podcaster who makes his home in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. His primary interest is in helping others recover from self-defeating behaviors.

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