RIC 006: The American Hologram

The insidious American Hologram, and how it influences recovery.

​Brief Overview of the Episode

​​This episode is mainly about two things: an apology for the long ​gap in these podcasts, and the American Hologram. We all tend to measure ourselves by criteria that aren't even real any longer, and it's universally harmfull, but especially so to those in recover.

​Timeline of the Episode




  • ​Overview of episode
  • ​Apology


  • ​My background and experience in recovery
  • Why I'm doing this


  • ​​To change, you have to be wrong about something
  • ​The American Hologram


  • ​Wrap-up, acknowledgements 
  • ​Next episode: Recovery Capital

​Links Mentioned in the Episode



​The leading science-based self-help recovery group in the world, with thousands of face-to-face and online meetings available.

​​It was a rather cold day, but a good audience.


Next Episode

​Next time is "Recovery Capital," a concept that is slowly revolutionizing the recovery field.

​I wrote ​Thinking Recovery​ to serve as a companion to this podcast. It contains an overview of the principal cognitive recovery techniques that I explore, and some visual aids to help with understanding.

You can download it for free, simply by clicking on the image to the left. I hope you enjoy it!​​​

About the Author Pete Soderman

Pete is an author, blogger, and podcaster who makes his home in Ajijic, Jalisco, Mexico. His primary interest is in helping others recover from self-defeating behaviors.

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